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Company Name:World LearningYouth Program FacilitatorTitle: Youth Program FacilitatorDepartment: Youth ProgramsLocation: Brattleboro, VTType: Full_TimePosition #: 177988 Back to Job ListingsFor technical assistance with this application please contact Abso at between the hours of 6:00 AM - 5:00 PM PST.Description:World Learning/SIT Youth Programs bring international high school age youth to the U.S for short term intensive summer leadership and peacebuilding programs and exchanges. The programs have traditional summer camp elements combined with academic content on global issues, civics and peacebuilding, homestays and U.S. city communityprograms, cross-cultural and language studies, and issue based project design for post program follow up projects in home communities. We are seeking staff for programs starting with Staff Training on June 20 in Brattleboro, vermont, with some positions finishing August 1, and other extending into mid-late August, depending on program assignments.Please read the requirements carefully. These positions are competitive and open to candidates with a high degree of motivation to work with youth. The staff teams are typically comprised of a mix of returning and new staff. Staff must possess a bundle of skills, qualities and capacities, as well as a high degree of physical stamina.ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:The Program Facilitator role is a dynamic, multifaceted role. Facilitators are expected to perform a variety of tasks that support the program, including: teaching and facilitating global issues, civics, leadership, teambuilding and arts activities; logistical and behind the scenes support; first aid and student dynamics support; dorm and student community management; driving vans; and travel with students from Vermont to other U.S. program location. Program Facilitators work closely with a team of other Facilitators and Program Directors to deliver world class youth leadership education.PROGRAM FACILITATORS MUST BE ABLE TO:o Work extended hours for the duration of the programs.o Speak with confidence and clarity in front of groups of 75 or more on a daily basis.o Sleep in dorms, yurt or tents, and be available for night duties.o Be available to the teenage participants, 24/7.o Learn and lead teambuilding initiatives, trust activities and leadership games.o Spend good chunks of the days outside - in sun, rain, mud, storms, buggy areas, woods, rivers and lakes.o Prepare workshops & prepare for simulations and discussions in short amounts of time.o Be asked to do logistical, routine, or demanding tasks at all time.o Physically train and get yourself in really good shape for the summer. Learn 80+ names in 24 hours.o Swim with confidence in rivers, and paddle a canoe and a kayak on flat water.o Design new program components on the fly to accommodate student interests.o Take on a lot of responsibility, and become mindful and proactive with program logistics.o Cope with transitions easily - i.e. changes in staff teams, student departures & arrivals.o Drive 8 - 12 passenger vans (US driver's license required); travel with students to U.S. program activitieso Nurture and foster the development of positive, supportive relationships among the students.o Mediate and diffuse roommate and other participant disputes and tensions.o Pay close attention to student needs, group dynamics, issues and problems.o Teach Arts and Leadership workshops, and Facilitate small-group discussions & Dialogue groupso Accompany students on all off-campus activities and community field trips.o Monitor student health needs, and facilitate medical attention if required.o Take pictures with our digital cameras, and help manage photo storage, & slideshows.Required Experience:o Strong awareness and keen interest in U.S. Politics, Civics, Current and Global Issues and current U.S. domestic social issues, and an ability/willingness to turn that knowledge into workshops and lively discussions with teenagers. Prior activism work is a big plus.o A commitment to conflict transformation, inter-group dialogue and Leadership education: demonstrated by related work in the field, relevant study at undergraduate or graduate level, or prior peace education work or travel with young people. Outdoor education & teambuilding facilitation skills are highly valued.o Significant international travel and/or cross-cultural experience. We look for individuals who have spent at least 3 months traveling outside of their home country, and/or have spent time immersed in a different cultural context, preferably one that required language study and skills.o Prior Education Experience - preferably with high school age students. We are looking for people with teaching/training/facilitation work in their background, either teaching in formal K-12 public or private settings, or in alternative educational environments, such as summer programs/camps, study abroad trip leading, mentoring, outdoor/experiential education or expeditions, arts programs etc. Strong facilitation & public speaking skills are vital.o A proven commitment to young people. The number one task of a youth program staff member is to be with the students. Candidates must really enjoy interacting with teenagers, being with them 24/7, building positive, empowering relationships that bridge the 'adult'-'teenager' divide, plus dealing with teenage issues & dynamics from relationship drama, to health needs, and other developmental issues.o Humility and a willingness to learn: Working with high school populations can be challenging and very demanding, and it takes time to learn all the ins and outs of these programs - sometimes a whole summer. Even the most seasoned candidates are often surprised to realize that they have a lot to learn, and room for improvement in their youth skills sets. Perceptive, intuitive self-awareness is a crucial in candidates, as is humility, a willingness to learn new skills & systems- and asking for help when needed.o Current First Aid and CPR. For hired staff members, we can assist with providing or renewing certifications. All staff must have these before programs start. Highly recommended, but not required: Wilderness First Aid or Responder, Water Safety or Lifeguarding.o Staff should be flexible, motivated, creative, & sensitive to student's needs.o Staff should have SUPERB PHYSICAL STAMINA.o Staff should be comfortable working in rural settings: We spend a lot of time outside, and it can be buggy, hot, sweaty, humid, rainy & muddy.Staff should have specific skills, interest, and preferably past teaching experience in at least 3 of the following 4 areas:o GLOBAL & CURRENT ISSUES: Proven interest, direct lived experience, and prior teaching experience with global issueso LEADERSHIP SKILLS: Public Speaking, Listening, Project Design, Group Facilitation, Activism, Mediation, Fundraising & Public Relations, Logistics Planning, Strategic Questioningo ARTS: Drama, Crafts, Poetry, Music, Visual Arts, Murals, Dance, Storytelling etco OUTDOOR SKILLS: Including Teambuilding Activities, Sports Instruction (volleyball, soccer, basketball, ultimate frisbee etc), Crazy Olympics, Canoeing and Kayaking, Hiking,Low & High Ropes Courses, Camping, Orienteering etc.Required Education:o Education: We prefer staff that have a Bachelor's Degree, but will consider qualified applicants who are still in college.Compensation:o Compensation: Staff will receive full room and board on campus, plus $100-$110 per program day. All staff will be on World Learning payroll, and will have taxes taken out; no staff can be independent contractors.Additional Comments:PHYSICAL DEMANDS:o All staff must have a strong degree of fitness and physical stamina. The role is physical in nature with daily duties involving lifting and moving heavy program gear, running outdoor activities and sports, and maintaining long hours for many weeks in a row.WORK ENVIRONMENT:o SIT Campus, Brattleboro, Vermont plus various cities around the U.S.A. and washington, DC. SIT is a rural campus and many program activities take place outside, rain or shine.ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:o Staff will be expected to live on campus, in the dorms or yurt with students, during program weeks.o Staff will receive approximately 24 hours off every 7 days, plus some mornings and afternoons free.o All staff will be responsible for their own travel costs to the SIT campus at the beginning of the program season, and at the end of the program season, unless they are selected to travel to other US states with participants, in which case travel to US cities, and back to Vermont at the end of program is covered.o There is no medical insurance available with this position. Workers compensation is provided.HIRING PROCEDURE:If you are interested in applying for a Program Facilitator staff position:Send your resume (as a word attachment or PDF, 1-2 pages only) to simon. along with an email that answers the following 7 questions: please write your answers in the text of the email only; there is no limit on answer length. NO COVER LETTERS REQUIRED OR ALLOWED. Failure to follow these specific application guidelines will be used in evaluating your application.1. Why are you applying to the World Learning Youth Programs? Based on the detailed job description in this document (read it carefully), in what ways would you make an effective staff member for these programs?2. Please describe your teaching/education/program experience with young people.3. Please list your ARTS, LEADERSHIP, & OUTDOOR/SPORTS interests and teaching abilities, plus any relevant certifications.4. Please list and detail your Global and Current Issue Interests, levels of awareness and related teaching abilities- i.e. in what ways could you turn your issue experience or expertise into teaching content: issue areas include current, global, social justice, environmental, political, historical, civics, economics etc.5. Please tell us your story - where have you traveled & lived, what have you studied, what kinds of jobshave you had, what experiences have been particularly significant in your life journey, and what adjectives would your past students or co-workers use to describe you. Informal/personal response style is fine.6. Please describe your working style on staff teams, and how you function when you're working under significant time pressure and lack of sleep.7. Finally, please tell us what you'd be bringing to the proverbial 'staff team table' that would make you stand out in a very competitive field with many qualified applicants and many returning staff members.Click Here forFMLA General Notice.

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